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Cancer: rehabilitation and renewal: managing long-term consequences of cancer with acupuncture - Full

Date(s): 03 October 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture practitioners & 3rd year students

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Rehabilitation & Renewal: Managing long-term consequences of cancer and its treatments with acupuncture

Exploring acupuncture’s vital role in helping people to recover their health following cancer and its treatment with Dr Beverley de Valois

The long-term and late effects of cancer treatment Symptoms commonly experienced by cancer survivors, such as cancer related fatigue, distress, dry mouth, hot flushes, lymphoedema, etc  Understanding symptom clusters and complex presentations •  Fear of recurrence Reducing risk of secondary and second cancers Supporting people to self manage chronic symptoms Beverley draws on her extensive research and clinical experience using acupuncture to support people living with and beyond cancer

 Beverley de Valois is a research acupuncturist in the NHS, with a specialist focus on using acupuncture to improve wellbeing for cancer survivors.  She has conducted research into breast cancer treatment related hot flushes, lymphoedema, and wellbeing for prostate cancers.  She is currently working with colorectal cancer survivors at Barnet Hospital as well as conducting research into using moxa to improve outcomes for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Beverley de Valois is a Research Acupuncturist at the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, a cancer-information and drop-in centre at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Northwood Middlesex. She has a specialist interest in using acupuncture to improve wellbeing and quality of life for cancer survivors.  Research projects include using acupuncture to manage: breast cancer treatment related hot flushes (her PhD thesis); cancer treatment-related upper body lymphoedema (funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)); cancer and non-cancer related lower limb lymphoedema; wellbeing for prostate cancer survivors.  Current projects include research into using moxa to improve outcomes for chemotherapy patients (funded by the British Acupuncture Council) and working with colorectal cancer survivors at Barnet Hospital.  She is currently writing a book about acupuncture and cancer survivorship.  She is a Fellow of the British Acupuncture Council, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, and Vice-Chair of the British Lymphology Society Research and Scientific Committee.

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