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Master Tung Acupuncture (Fully booked)

Date(s): 16 - 17 September 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture graduates

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Tung acupuncture is well known for its quick and spontaneous results.  Practitioners who use it commonly observe noticeable effects in as little as 1 to 2 treatments, and involving very few points.

  • Pain – results are usually instant upon inserting needles
  • Needles are never inserted in the site of pain of injury
  • Effect on a variety of conditions can be immediate and long lasting
  • Useful for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Particularly helpful for conditions such as psoriasis, asthma, tinnitus and chronic fatigue

These are interactive workshops where you will have the opportunity to needle these points under supervision. 

Day 1:
You will learn – practical prescriptions:

  • Hormonal balancing, including ‘unblocking fallopian tubes’
  • Immediately effect back pain and sciatica
  • Asthma – Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Powerful kidney tonification protocol
  • Treating – hip – ankle – elbow pain

Day 2:
You will deepen your understanding of this extraordinary system and learn more practical prescriptions:

  • Treating Angina and heart disease
  • Powerful protocols for liver disease
  • Potent immune stimulation and balancing autoimmune disease
  • Treating glaucoma and eye disorders with the Tung System
  • Resolving whiplash and neck pain.


Philip Weeks has been a practitioner of natural medicine for the last 20 years. He encountered Tung Acupuncture after his initial training at CICM and now teaches it internationally.  He is a practitioner of natural medicine and nutrition, is a master herbalist and is the author of ‘Make Yourself Better’ published by Singing Dragon. He runs a clinic in Marylebone in central London.

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